Dream away dreamer as my head cracks open,
It’s a bowl full of saltwater,
Fish the thoughts out before they spill
And unravel the tangled threads of my feelings.
My limbs are made of glass too,
I am the invisible woman, entirely breakable,
If they push me I will shatter to pieces.
My liquid soul was poured out into the ocean,
My thoughts swim away from me,
And I am empty.
I look into the mirror, the pills are floating inside me,
The cuts have been reduced to lines,
My blood runs clear and the old blood evaporated.
It is gone forever.

It’s a lovely state;
Nothing hurts and nothing matters,
But my eyes are curious and thus,
Commit an act of treason allowing me to see,
I see Them sinking a tube into my madness
And they push down, push down,
But I don’t want to fight it.
The faces are dancing around me
And I let them do their “heroic” dance…
They move around and poke some more
As my eyelids get heavy again,
And ever so slightly I can feel my stomach complying with Them.

Back to the hallways of my old friend the 7th floor,
Or was it the 4th?
My body expels dark sticky coal and just like that,
The dream is over.
Death is far away now, she cannot flirt with me anymore.
They won’t let her near me.


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