The Journey

You remember when you used to
push the thoughts into their heads
And chase the tears out of their eyes…
Now the teddy bears and lullabies are gone,
With the unnoticeable but steady
Arrival of the future that brings you
Effortlessly and constantly
To each other’s boundaries.
Like neighboring countries you can’t break away
From your borders,
But there was once an in-between space
That you can’t grasp anymore,
It grew out of reach
Or blended with the horizon
And took them with it.
The past is delivered in dreams.
It sunk into earth like a seed
And harvested future, an undesirable crop,
But in the wake of this unstoppable calamity
You will nurture the realization
That they were never yours,
For this is how the world works,
As easily as a bird permeates the air
You soar unwillingly into the depths of time
And live in it,
Like the notes in a song or the words in a poem
And you are home,
With a white flag above your door,
You have surrendered and so have they.
They were borrowed and he claims them back.
The descent to a place where
The dimness of your sorrows darkens your spirit
Is inevitable, and
Since strength has become an evasive ally,
You will be dragged the rest of the way
To the finish line.


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