Book Review: Being Layla Hart by Amanda McKelt

Being Layla HartBeing Layla Hart
by Amanda McKelt

Summary from Goodreads:

April Collins is freaking out. She completely embarrassed herself in front of the most crushable guy in school. There’s no way she’s returning to school, like, EVER. Why can’t she be pretty, popular and perfect like Layla Hart? Layla is a phony online profile – that is, until April wakes up as her! Will popularity prove as easy as it seems? And what happens when April’s crush finally notices her…as Layla?

TSR My Review

Since this is a middle grade book, this book was read and reviewed by my daughter who is currently in middle school.  This is her very first review and this was the first book she read over the summer.  So here is the honest opinion of a twelve year old:

Being Layla Hart was a good book. Layla Hart was a beautiful girl who everyone loved and April Collins was a girl who never got noticed, so when April turned into Layla it was a big difference for her.

This book talks a lot about fashion, beauty and modeling. This a good book for teens and ten year olds and older because it is mainly about not wishing to be someone you’re not but to be yourself instead.

Being Layla Hart was mostly funny like when Archie the dog pooped on her shoe but some parts made me sad because April’s parents were divorced and all she wanted was to see her dad again, but he had moved to Hong Kong and had a new family.

Overall I would recommend it to my friends and any girls in middle school because it’s funny and it teaches a good lesson like I always say to my friends: “You were born as an original so don’t die as a copy.”

*I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review*

5 out of 5 stars

5 stars


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